Indoor Dining Guidelines

With only being permitted to open at 50% capacity, we must strictly enforce the following rules to make everyone's dining experience equally enjoyable. Thank you for your understanding.


Walk-ins WILL NOT be accepted for tables or bar, and please be on time.


A mask must be worn fully covering your nose and mouth during arrival, departure and restroom use.

You may remove your mask whenever seated if you so choose.


90 minutes is allotted for up to four guests

2 hours is allotted for five to eight guests

2 1/2 hours is allotted for nine to twelve guests

We will ensure your meal arrives in a timely matter so you will not be rushed. Please observe the time afterward. If your table is needed, you will be asked to vacate after your time has expired.


2 hours is allotted for all bar guests unless there are no reservations after yours. You MUST sit at the bar.

NO STANDING at the bar is permitted.

These laws are set by the state and MUST be followed. They are not our rules, so please be considerate toward other diners who are out to enjoy themselves without incident.

We ask that you practice the following while with us:

Physical Distancing

​Proper Coughing and Sneezing Procedure

Hand Washing / Sanitizing

Our commitment to safety has always been a priority at Jonathans for both our guests and employees long before this pandemic began. We have always taken great pride in the cleanliness of our properties and stellar health inspections. Rest assured we will continue to maintain these standards as well as the new guidelines set forth. We thank you for putting your trust in us and your continued support.

Thank You