It is bittersweet news that we formally announce we will be relocating back to Harveys Lake in the original location where we began in 2014. Jonathans will continue to offer dinner service in Wilkes-Barre until Sunday August 28th after which we will close to prepare for our move to Harveys Lake and reopen in early November. Updates will be posted on Facebook and on our website

At this time we would like to acknowledge those of you who were part of making Jonathans such a success in Wilkes-Barre;
Coleen Burns and family who provided us with such a grand and unique property to flourish.
The Honorable Mayor George Brown and family for all their help and support.
The Diamond City Partnership , who were always there to include us in community events.
Our loyal guests and friends who went above and beyond, especially during the height of the pandemic, you KNOW who you are.

The countless guests we met along the way both near and far.
All of our fellow restaurateurs who worked, shared, ate, drank and celebrated along side us the whole way.

Last but not least, our kick-ass family members who make up the nucleus at Jonathans; Chef Wendy Fritz , Sous Chef Melissa Smyda, Dina Hamilton, Manager Nik Hughes, table lady Sara Bechetti and current staff..... THANK YOU ALL.

Jonathan & George

Please come home Giuseppe, we miss you!

570 371 3463 (DINE)

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